Master Dentist

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Master Dentist is a fun game for kids ,all kids are having fear for visiting a dentist ,this game will take off there fear . Kids will enjoy the dentist tools ,its a fun and additive game . We have 4 characters in the game Greenie, Redie, Cyan and Pinku .

Check out the Treatment list and use all tools for fixing the teeth problems for clearing a level . We have Ad removal In-app purchase and in higher levels some dentist tools are locked and that is also an In-app Purchase .

4 characters in the game Greenie,Redie,Cyan and Pinku .

Key Features

  • 4 characters.
  • Remove all cracked holes using the drill.
  • Clean the teeth by using different tools available.
  • Pull out the broken teeth and replace them by new ones.
  • Apply tatoos to any cleaned teeth.
  • Why are you waiting, just start playing and share with your friends.

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