Dot Break

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Dot Break is a simple Bubble breaking or Bubble Popping game with 100 levels . A quick +1 is much appreciated,Thank you. Why are you just waiting ,just break the dots and challenge your friends . Click two or more adjacent Dots or Bubbles to break it ,the more you break the more points you will get .

Try to make a group of matching dots and then break it to get more points. In this bubble game we have two Game plays - Free Play and Level Play.

Free Play, Level Play, Dot cash, Dot Bomb, E colour Dot, Timer Dot.

Free play

In Free play we have unlimited Gameplay and you will get Dot cash by playing Free Play . Dot Cash is the virtual money used in this game for purchasing the powers and skipping the levels . The more you play the more Dot Cash you will be getting.

Level Play

In Level Play we have 100 challenging levels ,in each level you need to achieve the target score in the 60 seconds time to win the game. In level play we have 3 powers ( Timer Dot , Dot Bomb , E colour Dot ).

1.Timer Dot

This will give you and extra 60 seconds to clear the level.

2.Dot Bomb

This will help you to remove dots around the selected dots.

3. E colour Dot

This will eliminate the selected colour in a single click.

Key Features

  • 100 Levels with target points.
  • Challenge your friends using Google Play Games Leaderboard [ANDROID] and Gamecentre Leaderboard [iOS].
  • Gain maximum stars in the levels and Clear Levels to Unlock Achievements For getting XP.
  • Separate Offline Score Board for Free play and Level Play for checking your Best score .
  • In settings you can give Nickname,You can adjust Volume of Sounds and Music,you can set number of dot colours ( it will work only for Free Play ) , you can switch on and off color blindness and Side gravity mode
  • Some times it will be hard to recognise the colours at that time switch on the color blindness option in the settings then a symbol will be displayed inside the dot .
  • Why are you waiting, just start playing and challenge your friends with your new high score.

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