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The usefulness of digital menu cards is virtually endless. Therefore, it is not surprising to see more and more customers using them at hotels and other places on a regular basis. Igost Technologies have been working on digital menu cards and have an impressive and exhaustive collection of these services. For hotels, these services would mean improving satisfaction levels of customers, retaining them for a long period and boosting sales.

Igost Technologies specializes in providing latest tablets to waiters and customers so that they can use them to place orders, pay bills, share items available in the hotel, etc. Menu cards that used to be provided by hotels in the past are no longer used by us.

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We believe the best mobile experiences are handcrafted, customized from the ground up. When we build for Android, we make full use of Android’s functionality.

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If your idea is not fully baked, talk to us. We’ll help you clarify and reassemble the ingredients for success into a feasible solution that Sourcebits can execute. We’ve been baking ‘em good for years now.

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Don’t have the engineering power in-house? Sourcebits has the expert technical teams you need to deliver creative solutions. And you don’t need to micro-manage them, or the project. That’s our job.

In what regard our digital menu card and room services are different from others?

  • Android is our preferred platform for the front end while OpenERP is used in the back end.
  • OpenERP that is used in the back end is able to do stock management. In other words, the client can use this back end to update an item. When an order is placed by the customer the corresponding stock gets reduced automatically.
  • Customized services based on customers’ requirements
  • Wide range of solutions based on price and offerings

Why should hotel businesses choose digital menu card and room services of Igost Technologies?

Hotel businesses are fast realizing the importance of room services and digital menu services and are increasing getting hooked to it. These facilities help hotel businesses in a large way because they can contribute in lowering the costs associated with manpower and in improving the efficiency of the hotel. Tablets provided by Igost Technologies can surely bring out these positive changes and help hotel owners realize their dreams and achieve what they would have thought as an impossible task not so long ago. The tablets provided by us to the hotel authorities are high-end and will serve the purpose of reducing the complexities involved in hotel industry. Depending upon the needs of the customers based in hotel industry Igost Technologies can provide the tablets with necessary features accordingly.

The all-in-one solution offered by Igost Technologies through its tablets will revolutionize the way restaurants do their business. It is also sure to change the way hotel customers are going to interact with hotel staff. The android applications that are available across these tablets will make it easy for customers to access a host of features available in the hotel without having to ask the staff for the same. Mangers based in the hotel can use the tablets to improve their effectiveness and help garner more profits for the hotel and greater returns on investments.

Customers can therefore look forward to a lot of things in choosing Igost Technologies’ tablets for improving upon their digital menu card and room services. Tablets provided by Igost Technologies can be used for improving room services as they will allow customers to order food, pay bills, share bills, etc from the comforts of their hotel room and without taking help from anyone else. Our digital menu cards are very attractive and can attract customers towards hotel owing to their ease of usage and flexibility.

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